Saturday, October 15, 2011

Creativity and Innovation : Challenges and Opportunities

Dear Friends
Its again a pleasure to share my 3rd Research paper accepted for ICON - International Conference on Organisation development.

Creativity is the mental and social process invigorate by conscious or unconscious insight of generating ideas and concepts whereas innovation is the successful development of new ideas: an outcome of the creative process, which involves generating and applying in a specific context. People who create and people who innovate can have different attributes and perspectives.

The current challenge in an organization is to improve efficiencies at work; is to plan and execute. Most people plan a little, execute a lot, and then use their creative powers. Creativity allied to innovation, which creates unexpected value, recognized as central point to organizational performance.

We have tried to address Creativity and Innovation based on 5W1H (WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, WHO, and HOW concept.)

This paper is an attempt to introduce new and focus approach used or can be used in an organization for creativity and innovation where creativity has always been at the heart of human endeavor and innovation that markets value is a creator and sustainer of performance and change. Most organizations have barriers to creativity, ideas, and innovation. Some are obvious while some are more subtle. Some barriers emerge from attitudes and perceptions of organizational leadership while others come from organizational structure or even from the employees themselves. Creativity requires entire-brain thinking i.e right-brain (imagination, artistry and intuition), plus left-brain (logic, planning and processing) focusing on the principles of art and science as catalysts for transformation.

We will focus on how individuals attribute and perspective can be used on foundational skills for origination by integrating creativity and innovation collaboration resulting to accelerated performance based learning i.e multiple intelligence, brain based learning and learning styles.
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