Saturday, September 12, 2015



When a problem occurs, workers should Report the issue, and not keep it to themselves. 
They should Contact the relevant people. Instead of assuming that they can fix it themselves, they should Consult with others to get their advice.
HO : Houkoku is reporting the progress of a given activity or task. Facts, methods and objective are the three main points that need to be communicated 
Emphasize 5W+2H - What-who-when-where-why + how-how much / many. 
Japanese Culture Tip: First Progress than Result
REN : Renraku is contact / communication / updating related work and usually involves cross / inter department communication
With renraku, we can get a lot of input and be able to look at a problem more holistically
Japanese Culture Tip: if problems occur within the company, even if they occur in other parts we still have to be responsible to bear the consequences...

SO : Soudan is consultation between us with superiors, especially when we have problems in our work.It is not just big problems, but also the potential for problems that is worth consulting 

Japanese Culture Tip: Japanese bosses usually want to know everything we do, sometimes to trivia...


Plan: study current situation
Do: implement plan on trial basis
Study: determine if trial is working correctly

Act: standardize improvements
It facilitates:
• Continuous improvement in our work. 
• Makes work easier by giving structure to the way we work.
• Reduces muda (waste) in time and resource by increasing efficiency of our work process
• Ensures repetitive success via standardisation
• Helps eliminate problems in our work through monitoring and problem solving throughout the entire process
• Increases the quality of our work.

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