Thursday, March 6, 2014

RETHINKING HR IN VUCA WORLD - Anubha Walia in International Conference

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As we have entered the 21stCentury, there are serious questions arising concerning our capacity to deal with its challenges.  Based on a review and synthesis across a range of literatures covering management, organization, leadership, and learning & development, this paper identifies VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Adaptability.  This new age will be increasingly challenging.  This suggests that a new kind of leader and leadership are needed, and this paper outlines the most compelling of current thought on leadership qualities demanded of the 21st Century leader in form of new VUCA MODEL – Vision, Understanding, Clear & Adaptability.

The research paper would focus on the VUCA model as a framework to re-tool leadership development models may enable  HR and talent management professionals to identify and foster the leaders in the  organizations need now and in the future.
In the VUCA , volatility can be countered with vision because vision is even more vital in turbulent times. Leaders with a clear vision of where they want their organizations to be in coming years can be focused in volatile environmental changes such as economic downturns or new competition in their markets, for example, how by making business decisions to counter the turbulence while keeping the  organization’s vision in mind.
Uncertainty can be countered with understanding, the ability of a leader to stop, look, and listen. To be effective in a VUCA environment, leaders must learn to look and listen beyond their functional areas of expertise to make sense of the volatility and to lead with vision. This requires leaders to communicate with all levels of employees in their organization, and to develop and demonstrate teamwork and collaboration skills. Complexity can be countered with Clear / clarity, the deliberative process to make sense of the chaos. In a VUCA world, chaos comes swift and hard. Leaders, who can quickly and clearly tune into all of the minutiae associated with the chaos, can make better, more informed business decisions. Finally, ambiguity can be countered with adaptability, the ability to communicate across the organization and to move quickly to apply solutions. This paper is based on some preliminary telephonic survey, but not on detailed research findings. The main purpose of this paper would be more on exploratory research in approach and would intertwine how above mentioned elements are leading to great success in the organization and how can manager become stronger VUCA leaders.
The paper is to motivate readers to explore interrelations, frame objectives, formulate hypothesis, carry out tests, interpret findings and can further pursue research in this area.
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