Thursday, October 8, 2015


Acclaim about the Book  COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP by Manley Hopkinson

‘A personal and most readable introduction to the fundamentals of good relationship, enlivened by the author’s rich and varied experience, anyone who aspires to be a leader will find in its pages both guidance and encouragement’ − John Adair author of best selling Effective Leadership.

What are the DETAILS of the book?

If you want to acquire real knowledge on compassionate leadership, read this book. If you want to get introduced to the art of compassionate leadership − the art of getting the best for and out of people through the fulfilment of self-worth, read this book. If you want to learn how to give teams a real sense of purpose and direction in order to motivate and inspire them to perform at a high level, read this book. If you want to excel as a great leader by creating and maintaining engaged, committed and high performance team, read this book. Manley Hopkinson’s authored book: Compassionate Leadership is divided into eleven chapters. It outlines key learnings and exercises at the end of each chapter. It covers the finest aspects of authors’ life and will provide you with understandable, memorable and usable way of applying principles in business and life.

What is inside?

Manley Hopkinson was schooled on leadership through a mix of practical and academic experiences: as an officer in the Royal Navy and the Royal Hong Kong Police, as a skipper in the BT Global Challenge round the world yacht race, winning the first skiing race to the Magnetic North Pole (The Polar Race) .... read book review by clicking the link

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